I'm a Londoner based in New York where the Ribena is overpriced, but the cake is of superior quality.

I'm fascinated by the way economics and business underpin everything about our lives: from what we're eating, wearing and buying, to seemingly random crimes and real estate trends.

At DNAinfo, I wore out shoe leather covering devastating crimes and kids delightedly splashing around public pools in New York. I've reported on how businesses control police forces for the Daily Guide in Accra, and stalked Occupy protestors in London for Business Insider.

At Columbia Journalism School, I covered New York crime capital Brownsville, Brooklyn, and fell in love with New York's drag and ballroom scenes. 

At City's Journalism School in London, I got obsessed with London Landlord's whose valuable, listed buildings kept going up in flames, and studying history at the University of London's Queen Mary I dug through scandalous details in Foreign Office cables.

I'm currently an editor at Business Insider.

yepoka [a t] yepokayeebo [d o t] com.

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